Travel Quest Daily Connect

*** What does this app do?

The Travel Quest Connect app makes it easier for you to connect each day via your phone or tablet to the Travel Quest world picture collection game available on Facebook.
- Quick registration for new players
- Welcome gift at app launch: images and seeds for the game
- Mini games to earn bonuses: seeds, country images, multiplayer items and travel miles
- Possibility to set up a login reminder at the time of your choice (if you wish): you will receive a notification if you have not yet come to play at the given time.

***** What is Travel Quest on Facebook?

Travel Quest is a Facebook game that allows you to discover countries around the world through instructive quests by collecting pictures.

You can exchange pictures and complete your album faster by exchanging with your friends. You can also send them miles that allow you to travel virtually in the game and discover the world.

Travel Quest offers you instructive and educational quests to learn everything about the countries of the world and geography while collecting and having fun.
Come and try!

Travel Quest Daily Connect